Research Areas and Labs

Current topics of research of CE faculty members include, but are not limited to the following areas:

Areas: Wireless sensor networks, Digital Communications, Computer Networks, Network Security, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Modern Control System, Databases, Software Engineering, Modeling, Data mining and AI Machine Learning, Bio-informatics, Signal Processing, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Speech and Language Processing.

With expansion in academic programs, laboratories in the department have risen. These laboratories are equipped with latest hardware and computers fully networked with state-of-the-art servers. Multimedia projectors are fitted where required and Internet facility is available in all laboratories. Following labs are currently working in the department.

  1. Industrial Automation Laboratory
  2. Embedded Systems Design Laboratory
  3. Electronics Systems Laboratory
  4. Project Laboratory
  5. Postgraduate research Laboratory

Post Graduate Faculty and Their Research Interests

Dr Mohammad Ali Maud
Estimation Theory, Signal Processing, Modern Control and related areas.
Dr Abad Ali Shah
HEC Professor
Data bases, Semantic Web and related areas, Bio-informatics, Brain Informatics.
Dr Asim Loan
Professor (Qaboos Co-chair) shared with EE Department
Communications, Wireless Telecommunication, Signal Processing and related areas.
Dr Waqar Mahmood
Director, KICS, (Adjunct Professor)
Telecommunication and related areas.
Dr Sarmad Hussain
Professor, KICS (Adjunct)
Urdu Language Processing. Research in Language Processing for Regional Languages. Speech Processing.
Dr Syed Muhammad Ahsan
Associate Professor
Data bases, Semantic Web, Bio-Informatics and related areas.
Dr Mohammad Shahbaz
Associate Professor
Data mining, Data warehousing, Artificial Intelligence and related areas.
Dr Muhammad Shoaib
Associate Professor
Information Retrieval, Web Engineering, data bases and related areas.
Dr Irfan Ullah Chaudhary
Associate Professor
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Computer Science.
Dr Muhammad Aslam
Assistant Professor
Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agents expert systems and related areas.
Dr Anita Malik
Assistant Professor
Software Engineering, Modeling and related areas.
Dr Ali Hammad Akbar
Assistant Professor
Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks and related areas.
Dr Muhammad Junaid Arshad
Assistant Professor
Computer Networks, Computer Architecture.
Dr Amjad Farooq
Assistant Professor
Information Retrieval, Web Engineering, Data Bases and related areas.
Dr Shazia Shoiab
Assistant Professor
Information Retrieval, Web Engineering, data bases and related areas.