PhD Computer Engineering

Graduate program
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, originally established as the department of Computer Science is one of the most prominent and oldest centers of computer education in the country. The department offers the following postgraduate degrees:

Ph.D. Computer Engineering

M.S Computer Engineering

– with specialization in

  • Signal Processing Area
  • Communication and Telecommunication Area
  • Control Systems Area
  • Machine Intelligence Area
  • VLSI Design Area
  • Speech and Language Processing

Established as department of Computer Science in 1991, its history dates back to the year 1968 when University of Engineering and Technology Lahore established a Computer Center. This center was equipped with a contemporary IBM 1130 third generation computer that batch processed submitted jobs. The computer was equipped with a disk and a monitor. The center was responsible for planning and teaching courses in Computer Science and Numerical Analysis, which formed an integral part of the curricula for all disciplines of B.Sc. Engineering degree in the university. The center also offered short term computer courses for other private and public sector organizations. In 1978, it started offering a Masters degree program in Computer Engineering, thus becoming the first center in the country to offer Computer Engdegree. A 4 years degree program leading towards a B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science was introduced by the department in 1999 and another 4 years B.Sc. program in Computer Science and Engineering in 2001. For students enrolling from September 2003 onwards, B.Sc programs have been re-named and modified into four years B.Sc. Computer Science and four years B.Sc. Computer Engineering programs. Ph.D. program in Computer Science was launched in 2002 and seven students have completed their Ph.D. degree in Computer Science to this date.
With expansion in academic programs, computer laboratories in the department have risen to nine spread over two buildings. These laboratories are equipped with 350 P-IV computers fully networked with state of the art servers. Computer to student ratio is 1:1. The department is proud of its no-piracy policy. All the operating systems installed are either licensed or open-source operating systems. Department’s computing facilities are linked with Research Center, Main Library and other teaching departments through a fiber optic backbone. Multimedia projectors are fitted where required and Internet facility is available. Portion of a third building is available with the department for holding lectures.
In addition, the department has two Electronics Systems Laboratories, one Industrial Automation Laboratory and One Embedded Systems Laboratory. The department holds an endowment chair given by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said-Al-Said, Sultan of Oman. Currently, two professors are sharing this chair.

Academic Policies Specific to Computer Science and Engineering Department
The following policies are in addition to M.Sc Semester System regulations of the University as given in the prospectus.

  1. A minimum of 30 credit hours are required for the completion of the program. Each course corresponds to three credit hours and the M.Sc. thesis corresponds to 6 credit hours. As such, a student is required to complete 8 courses and one thesis.
  2. A set of four core courses are compulsory for each student enrolled in the program. A newly admitted student is advised to register, preferably, in all the four courses during the first semester (starting September-October).
  3. The M.Sc CS students are required to study at least two courses in their area of specialization. The remaining two may be selected from other specializations. The students are advised to complete these specialization courses in two or more semesters after the completion of core courses in the first semester.
  4. A student may register for more than eight courses, if he (she) so desires, without any added advantage.
  1. M.Sc. Computer Engineering students may register, as electives, from the approved list (as given in M.Sc. prospectus) of M.Sc. courses being offered in Electrical Engineering department.
  2. The following scheme of study is only a partial list. Additional courses may be added as and when required subject to availability of teachers.
  3. A M.Sc. CE student can register only with a supervisior from the faculty members of Computer Engineering Department and Electrical Engineering Department. However, a co-supervisor can be choosen from another department.
Scheme of Study

M.Sc/ PhD Computer Engineering